Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Ola toda a familia!
 I took a quick look at everyones emails, and if i finish this one quick enough, i will email back to the other ones! I loved all the emails i got thank you! I miss you guys so much, and I can't believe I am on a mission!! How is this possible?! It's so great though. :)
So this week has gone by SUPER fast! I am pretty used to the work load now, and concentrating is pretty easy. A normal day consists of: (we are three hours ahead of you) 6:30 wake up, 7 breakfast, 730 personal study, 830 to 1230 is mixed with instructors teaching us portugues or we are learning how to teach investigators and stuff like that. Until 1:15 is lunch, and then back to teaching investigators or the language until 445! Dinner unil 515 and then back to studying on our own for a few hours. Some days we have gym at 8, and somedays, we just study until about 9. They have a small snack, and you go to bed by 10:30. The days go by so quick now!
So this week, a promise that was made to us "greenies" came true. you will get sick pretty soon coming here because of the different germs here. True story.... I got sick starting last Friday or so! I was pretty stressed and stuff and my muscles started getting super sore and stuff. That night i couldn't sleep and I took my temperature 101.5! Ah! I was freaking out. And i kept having to pee all night... weird. But The next day it was down to 100 and i was feeling a tad bit better. Since then, I've had a sore throat, stuffy nose, and today i am close to losing my voice... bleh... oh well, i'll be blessed!
Oh, so this is for Mom before i forget! We get to go to the Sao Paulo Temple every P-day!!! Ah its so great. I'm mad i forgot to tell you last week in the email. But yes, send me some cards! By the time they get here, I may be able to do two or three at the most, so if you have any names to spare (endowment only), I can do those! Send those puppies on up! I love you so much Mom. :) I love all your emails. Your letter came to me yesterday, so about 10 days it looks like. For me, i send stuff from here priority and it takes about 2 to 4 weeks. Oh there's also an airforce base close by here Mom. There are always planes flying REALLY low and stuff. They are soooo loud! They always remind me of Grandpa!  (WWII  B-29 Superfortress Bomber Pilot.)
And this part goes to dad! They have this awesome drink here called guarana that I am addicted to. :) It is basically ginger ale, but super concentrated and about 30% natural caffeine. YUM! I'm so bad, but I love it! I drink about four cups a day. Soon I'll be as addicted to it as your Dr. Pepper! Love you dad!
Sundays are always great here. Some of our meetings take place in Portugues which is really cool. Everyone is required to join the choir here too. But i also joined one that is voluntary. I also play the Sacrament and Priesthood hymns! The next two weeks i'm the man on those! It's kinda scary with all the missionaries and mission presidents here!
So Dallin H. Oaks grandson is here in the CTM! How cools that?! He's a cool guy, but i don't know him at all. I also had a chance to say hi to the Urries two days ago. They are heading back home this week, so they may say something about me to you! If they say i'm being a "fubeca", say No! That means goof off. And i'm definitiely not. :)
Well that hits about everything for this week. This week has been easier just because last week was such a change of lifestyle and stuff. Portugues is coming along well. My vocabulary is expanding little by little. We got two brasilian roommates this week and they are so cool. They help us with portugues and we help them with english! They are all here for three weeks. We are up to four investigators that we teach weekly, completely in Porgtugues. it is getting easier but definitely a struggle. Elder Hawks is a beast and always knows what to say, so he always dominates on the speaking for the most part. I will get better with time. I also dream in Portugues! How weird is that. Not completely though. For those with facebook access, my companion is Derek Hawks from Moab, UT. he's such a cool guy.
Well I better get going with the rest of my P-day duties. Plus i gotta go explore the town more. :) I love you all so much. I miss you even more. I am grateful for the support and love i feel each day out here. The spirit is always here too, which helps when I am down. This is the true church. I know this with all my heart, and because of this, I am willing to be apart from those i love so much.
Have a wonderful week all!
Elder Steven Bennett

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