Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible

Hello Family!!!!
Ah! I can't believe how long I've been out here already! Time flies by fast nowadays. It's already October!!! Geeze. How's everyone doing? How's lorks? She needs to email me. :) What's going on in the world and at home?? I sure do miss home but Brasil is pretty sweet. :) I am getting used to all the culture here and the people. Portugues is coming little by little, and sometimes it's weird to say things in English! Weird right? I still can't believe I would ever say anything like that in my lifetime..
So this week has been pretty slow except for a couple of things. Lots of studying and practicing. Teaching investigators and going to devotionals. All the days become a blur really just because of the consistency of the schedule from day to day. The only days i really remember are P-days and Sundays, which are DEFINITELY the best days of the week!
I'm not too sick anymore, except for random coughing spasms at night because my throat itches. I hate them because they keep me up until about midnight every night! But they are going away. My throats just always itchy... But one guy in our district, Elder DeYoung, who's actually from Ogden, came down with a bad fever of 102.5. he was quarantined for two days and now he has strep throat. Sickness spreads fast around here. I wash my hands like every hour, if not more! Lots of people are sick in our district, but most are almost better. So good news right there.
The CTM is pretty rough on me even though I love being here. I am having trouble with getting down Portugues and also teaching investigators. My companion is basically fluent because he was already basically fluent in Spanish. He takes the reigns in our lessons a lot of the time, and sometimes talks the whole time. We always get chastised for doing that, but he kinda forgets sometimes, so i always end up not saying much in the lessons. Yesterday was a little better during our first lesson to our newest investigator, so hopefully things will turn around. I am loving learning a new language though. I am making new goals everyday to learn more and more. Today I bought a couple small notebooks that I carry with me. I write words in them that I hear and don't know, and then look them up later. Yeah, I'm basically a genius. :)
Oh speaking of buying stuff today, I also went to this AMAZING restaurant today. I forget the name, but it's basically rodizio grill, but BETTER. It was about the same price though, 25 Reals (Hey-eyes). The exchange rate is R1.75 to $1, so you can do the math and see it's pretty similar. It had so much delicious meat and they kept bringing more and more!!! I was in heaven. I also had a pepsi with it. Pepsi isn't too common where I'm at, so it was DELICIOUS!
So funny story, I'm sitting in my room Sunday afternoon during some downtime we have, and without warning, One of the branch presidents walks in! I was thinking, "What the heck?!" He wakes up one of my brasilian roommates and pulls him outta bed because he has to talk to him. Everyones in their garments basically, so it was pretty embarrassing. Then all is quiet. Five minutes later, my branch president all of a sudden walks in to our room! What in the world?! He had to talk to one of my roommates, Elder Viglione, and turns out, he is the new AP (assistant to the president).
So each district has two teachers, one for the morning and one for the afternoon. One hasn't been showing up lately, and we were always wondering why. Yesterday, one of the head honchos at the CTM told us she had been in the hospital. She was pregnant, so we figured she was just having her baby! Turns out, the sac the babies in had ripped, and the baby had to be born five months early. It was a still-born. We felt so bad for her... We are going to write her a nice letter here pretty soon.
Well that's about all with this week. Not a whole lot of exciting stuff happened. Oh i did see a homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk today.... but that's kinda sad too-- not exciting. Well anyway, I better get going. I love you all so much! I am so happy to be a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ. It's hard out here, but it's amazing work. Portugues will come with time. A scripture that helped me this week was Luke 1:37. It says something like, "With the Lord, nothing is impossible." And that is true, nothing is impossible when we're out on the Lord's errand. I am stoked to leave the CTM in about six weeks. It's really like a jail cell here. :)
Loves, hugs, and kisses!
Elder Bennett
P.S. Letters are very much welcomed. Everyday its a surprise to open that mailbox as a district and see who has letters. :)

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