Monday, August 4, 2014


Hello all!

Well, just to update you guys on my canker sores, three of the four have gone away, and a cold sore decided to say hi. Let's just say that my mouth has passed a little bit of pain in these last few weeks! But all is well. :) How is everyone at home? I don't even know if I need to ask anymore, for I will be at home here in a little. In the midst of many emails about my arrival at home, I have not had any side-effects that many call "trunky". I live with three missionaries that all have between one year and one year and three months, and they are more trunky than I am. I am the one telling them to focus. It has even come to the point that the assistants call me just to make jokes about how old I am on the mission (I am older than the two of them... one being my grandson as well. Irony.. ). So basically everyone is trunky.. except me. I love the work, and I am able to focus perfectly, and I will continue until the very end. I am grateful for your help in getting everything organized back at home, and if there is anything I can do, being here 6,000 miles away, just send me an email, and I will do what I can. :)

This week was a good week. We worked hard, and it was not always in our own area. I spent a few days in other areas helping out some of the missionaries with some things going on. It was good helping them out and seeing the difference when the problems were solved. This experience in problem-solving prepares us for many things to come in the future. While there are quite some annoying situations we have to solve in the zone, I am grateful for the chance to help my zone improve and reach their potential. 

At the beginning of this last week, we were given a goal in our zone to bring twenty people to church in each area. This is a really challenging goal, but we took it on with lots of faith. The reason for the goal wasn't to really reach twenty, but to arrive closer to the normal goal, which is six. As we raised our vision, we realized that our work raised as well, and we were to have better results. As we passed a couple on the street, I decided to stop them and invite them to church the coming Sunday. They really did come to church!!! It was amazing. We also found out that a neice that they haven't seen for quite a while, who is member, saw them enter the church, and started to cry. The Lord works in wonderful ways. :) I am grateful for my testimony that was strengthened through our work this week. 

Well, I gotta run. I sure do love you guys. I know that this church is true! Have a wonderful week! Tell Lauralee HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Elder Steven Bennett

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