Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello all. :)
First off, I want to wish Lauralee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY from this last week. Now she is an adult and can't mess with the cops anymore. :) Wow, how the time is flying. This week passed pretty quickly, especially because I was outside of my area for four days of the week. We had our Mission Counsel in Andarai on Lauralee's birthday, and the trip there is 2 hours and 40 minutes! We woke up at 4 AM to get to the bus and luckily, we made it there before 8 AM. It sure was a great meeting. President Cabral is a man of much energy and excitement. He really has his heart in this work. I am glad that I was able to get to know him here at the end of the mission. My faith and vision of this work has been raised even more, and I know that he was called by the Lord to guide this great work. He is very powerful in his words, and as he spoke, many words entered into my heart, teaching me and helping me to improve. We had a special experience as we left Andarai. At the beginning of this trip, I brought 50 reais with me to pay for the trip. There had been a problem with my companion's bank card and I ended up having to pay for him as well. The trip, for the both of us, was 26 reais. As we left Andarai, we stopped in the bank to withdraw my companion's money, which was supposed to be there (the secretaries had "solved" the situation). To our surprise, his money wasn't there.... and I didn't have enough money for the both of us. We began praying that someone could help us. All the missionaries had already left, and it was getting late. Then, out of nowhere, a member from my companion's old ward appeared and began talking to us! We knew it was an answer to our prayers.... until we found out that he didn't have any money with him. So, we began praying more. WE didn't know what to do, but we decided to walk to the bus stop. As we did this, we saw my old companion, Elder M. Souza! We asked them what they were doing here, and he said that they had run into some trouble packing up their zone materials and they were only able to leave now. He then told me, "Hey, I forgot to tell you! Elder Azevedo finally was able to pay you for the haircut razor you gave him." I had lived with this Elder months ago, and I had even forgot that I had given him my haircut razor and trusted him in paying me back. He didn't have money at the time, but I still gave it to him. Well, the money came to me at the right time, and I had enought money to return home with my companion. I will always be grateful for the Lord and His infinite and perfect plan for us. He prepared the way that everything would work out. We finally arrived at our home at 9 PM that night.
Other than that, I gave my last Zone Training last Thursday, and boy was it great. The Spirit touched strong to each and every one of us there. The week ended well, but still, we had to solve a couple problems in another area of the zone. It even involved staying there Saturday night, and a visit from President to this area. But, all was solved and all is well. :) I sure am tired, but it is a good tired. We also did a Service Project this week which destroyed my hands. We built a fence for our Bishop.
Well, I must run. I have much to do. I am thinking that I will have to go through my luggage and sort out the stuff. I will definately be coming home with less than I arrived. :) I love you all. Stay strong and do what is right. This is the Church of Jesus Christ... I know this with all my heart!
Com amor e saudades,
Elder Steven Bennett

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