Monday, July 28, 2014


Olá todos!

So, one more week has passed, and with that the goods and bads! We worked hard and saw lots of miracles immediately. Starting Monday night, we visited some references from a recently-baptized member. The first was his grandma, who reluctantly accepted our visit. As we arrived there, there were other relatives who live there, and of those at home, we taught the Restoration to his grandma and his aunt. His grandma, Sebastiana, is quite old, and is very active in the Baptist Church. She sat and listened, but didn't participate very much. However, Vizulva, his aunt, was very interested in the message. She asked many questions, and was very excited to learn more. We had arrived with the purpose of teaching Sebastiana, but the Lord knew that it was really Vizulva that was ready for the message. That very night, we also visited the last reference. We received a certain address ending with the number 33. We arrived on the street and found out that that street listed the addresses by lots and quandrants... meaning that there doesn't exist a home with the number 33... We decided to walk the street just to see. It was about 8:40 PM, and we were thinking about beginning our journey home, but we decided to continue trying. We found a home that said Lot 33, Quandrant 33. We stopped and thought, "could it be here? This may be the closest we will find?" We were searching for a young man of about 20 years. We thought about knocking the door, but at that moment we saw a couple with two children walking up the street.... the only people on the street, excluding us. I decided to ask them if they knew the young man. They said no, but that they live at that very address where we had stopped. We began talking to them, and they were very interested to hear a message about the church. We talked to them for about 15 minutes. The two of them are ex-pastors of a church, and now are inactive. We returned home very happy, knowing that once again, the Lord had put us on the path of this family through a wrong address. 

As I said, we have been working super hard, and the weather has been changing quite a bit. The last few days have been windy, cold, and rainy. I have been using my sweater out on  the streets. This week I became quite sick as well. On Wednesday, I woke up with a sore throat and an achy body. I had to go to another area to do some baptismal interviews, and I ended up sleeping there. It sure was a difficult day. Thursday, I woke up with the same symptons, but feeling a tiny bit better. Friday, I woke up with an achy head, and three canker sores in my mouth! My body is going wild... hahah. Anyways, I am pretty good now, except for FOUR canker sores that are so strategically placed in my mouth that it is agony to say anything. Yay for me, right? hahah. :)

Well, I must be running. I sure do love you all. I can't believe that time is going by so fast. My English class is doing very well, and I am learning English (again) together with my class. Everyone thinks I'm a clown, I think. They always leave laughing and smiling. We are working with a real English course that is offering a 75% discount to anyone who wants to continue learning English after the course has ended. I am really liking teaching English. There are also some members that want me to teach them piano. I think that would be a bit harder. Anyways, have a wonderful week. I sure am busy, busy, busy. Keep having fun in the sun. Be happy. :)
Elder Steven Bennett 

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