Monday, April 21, 2014

Hold Up Your Light That It May Shine Unto The World (3 Nephi 18:24)

Olá Família!

When I entered my email today and saw 18 new messages, I had two thoughts: One, everyone loves me; or Two, Mom signed me up at USU. It was the second. :) I won't lie, things are changing, and it is a little stressful to think about going home. After so much time of preaching the gospel, it becomes your way of life. Now that my life here in a few months will be different than my life right now, it is a bit saddening. However, it will be good. I hope that I was able to help you guys with some questions, and thank you for the help.

Basically all my time on the computer went to studying these emails, so I don't have much time to write. This email will be a bit short. This was one more fast week, but it was definitely a hard week. Lately, we have been having some difficulties finding new investigators and investigators that are progressing. It was a hard and hot week, walking in the sun, and being rejected quite a bit. In the midst of this, I was battling fatigue and five canker sores in my mouth. It was a little hard to stay excited, and at times, I felt like the time would never pass. However, the end of the week brought some relief. These last couple of days, we were blessed with some new investigators, and a new family! Douglas and Diara were a street contact that accepted us very well. We marked a day to visit them, and never found them at home. We passed a couple times and never found them. Saturday, as we visited another family, they passed us on the street, and stopped to talk to us. Douglas said "hey, do you remember me?? Come to my house when you finish with this appointment!" We entered our appointment, and as we left about 30 minutes later, we FORGOT about Douglas and Diara. We remembered as we arrived at home... However, we passed their home yesterday and they were home! We taught them the Restoration, and Douglas told us how his life has been a bit difficult (he was in prision for a while), and now he is trying to improve his quality of life. They live in the favela, but they are MARRIED!!! It is a miracle. :) They accepted our baptismal invitation, and now we are in the process of bringing them to church. My canker sores are finally leaving and after a hard week, we are ready to start this week off right. We made some mistakes this last week, but for this, we can repent and do better. :) 

I love this Gospel. Every time I teach the Restoration, I feel the truthfulness of this Gospel in the midst of such spiritual confusion in these last days. We are bringing the light to the world, the light of salvation. How grateful I am for this privilege to bring this message to the Cariocan people. I love you all so much. Keep strong in what you know is right, and never forget the privilege we have to be a part of the Church of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Elder Steven Bennett

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