Monday, April 28, 2014

Continue Your Journey And Let Your Heart Rejoice (Doctrine and Covenants 100:3-6, 12)‏

Dear Family,

Well, the time has come and one more transfer has ended. Many of the missionaries that I knew since I arrived in Rio have almost all returned home. It is hard to get to know all the newbies arriving. I lost a few more buddies at the end of this transfer, but I know they are going to start the new chapter of theirs lives at home. I received a phone call last night, and the Secretaries told me that I am being transferred to Sulacap, Madureira. I became a bit sad with this news. I really have loved my time here in Meier. I feel closer to this ward than any other ward, and this stake is like my literal home. However, I know that the Lord knows what is best, and He needs me in Sulacap. I don't know very much about Madureira, but it is more in the interior of Rio. It is still the literal city of Rio, but more in the hot valleys. Madureira holds one of the hottest areas in Rio, and in all of Brasil. Luckily, I won't be smack dab in that valley, but I will be close. Thank heavens the hottest part of the year already passed. Anyways, I will spend the day packing up my bags once again and go to the Rodoviaria early tomorrow morning. I am thinking it will be my last area on the mission.

With the transfer ending and being transferred, I have been reflecting on my time here in Meier. It is truly my favorite area in my whole mission. Since I arrived there, I have had wonderful companions and for that, the ward as well has been wonderful. The members here have been so excited to help us out in the work. I got to know this ward very fast. I think that I have almost the whole ward memorized by name. Even to the youth, I have made a good friendship with them all. I will miss this ward a lot. In this ward, I have a "twin" sister and an uncle (There is a member here who looks like Uncle Paul!). When I see him, I call him Uncle. :) I really have loved my time here, and I hope that I can create this kind of connection with the ward there in Sulacap as well. I was privileged with an extra special last Sunday here in Meier. Reinaldo, who recently was baptized, blessed the Sacrament for the first time. Also, Alex, who is a recent convert, passed the Sacrament to me. I began to remember the first moment that I met these great people. They didn't even know that this church existed. With time and some visits, they got to know the true Church of Jesus Christ, and now are serving the Sacrament, and with callings in the church. I was so happy. It is a happiness that you can't find at home, hanging out with your friends. Only through the work of the Lord, we find this type of happiness.
Today, I will be saying goodbye to maybe people, and probably my heart will be broken... again! This always happens when I'm transferred... But, I need to continue on with this work. I am trying to work harder than ever. I am noticing a fatigue that I never had at the beginning of the mission, and at times, it is hard to fight through it. However, I will succeed. I am sorry that this letter is quite short as well, but I love and miss you all. I hope that all is well at home, and that peace and health can be with you all. I have a few interesting days here ahead of me. :) I really know that this is the work of the Lord. I know that this church is true. I have no doubts of this truth.
Have a wonderful week!!!
Elder Steven Bennett

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