Monday, January 20, 2014

D&C 18:15‏

Hey there!

Wow! This week passed by sooooooo fast! I don't even know how that happens. One second, you are writing your family on P-day, the next second, you are there again on the next Monday. One thing that I have learned a lot recently is that one day passes like a week, and one week passes like a day. It really is true. When we are on the street working, the day passes normal, and sometimes slow, however looking back on the week.... wow. Really fast. 

As I look back on the week and the things that I have learned, I can see that to really be a successful missionary, it takes constant effort. It is not something that you can say and not do, or something that is in  your imagination. Miracles can happen to any missionary, and the difference is based on the diligence, faith, and humility of that missionary. Heavenly Father works in marvelous ways-- ways that we as normal human beings, cannot understand. He has a way of doing everything perfect and in order. Even to the way He uses us, as His instruments, His works are perfect. As we follow the mission rules-- as we are diligent, humble, and looking for the guidance of the Holy Ghost in our work, the Lord uses us as instruments in His hands. This is something that I learned through the simple task of making street contacts. We have a goal of 30 each day. If we reach this goal, we are promised many blessing by the Lord and Presidente Lima. The Lord works in many mysterious ways, and many times, we are young men, don't realize the importance of being rejected 20-25 times a day through these contacts. We saw a wonderful blessing through contacts this week. A couple weeks ago, we made some contacts, and with a certain man, he gave his address to us. The next week, we went to visit this man. However, we found out quickly that he had given a false address. We decided to knock some doors around this "address", and in doing this, we found a man named Renaldo. He looked like we had woken him up when he answered the door. We presented ourselves to him and he accepted a visit... with the exception that he wanted his wife there as well. So, we made an appointment to visit them that Saturday. As we got there, they received us very well, and even though they lived in the middle of a favela, they were living quite comfortable. Renaldo, and his wife, Aline, asked many questions, and as we answered them, and taught the Restoration, they understood very well. As we finished, Renaldo told us that this just may be what he is looking for. We invited them to be baptized, and they accepted, but first they need to get married legally. We continued to pass by during the week, but never found them at home. However, one day this week, as we left their home unsuccessful, we found him walking down the street! We marked this last Saturday and he said that they miraculously got work off and would go to church this Sunday (yesterday). The Spirit was strong in our visit yesterday. We answered more questions about the church and the Book of Mormon, and Renaldo is beginning to receive this marvelous answer that the Book of Mormon is true. Yesterday, this marvelous family was with us at church, and their little baby did not make a peep during the meetings! They loved the church, and the members instantly integrated this family, including Bishop personally presenting himself to them. The conversion process of this family is beginning, and I am sure that here in the next few months, they will be baptized and begin the process of sealing their family for all eternity.

There isn't a greater happiness on Earth than helping a family get to know the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for my mission. I love each and every second of it. I love the Book of Mormon and know without doubt of its truthfulness. Read from its pages each and every day! I pray for you all each and every day. Stay safe and do what is right! I love and miss you all! Have a wonderful week. :)
Elder Steven Bennett

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