Monday, April 8, 2013

Que Maravilha!!

Hello hello!

WOW!!!! Temple in Rio de Janeiro!!!!!! I just have to start out by saying this because everyone here is going crazy. People have just been waiting and waiting for the day to come when the Prophet would announce a temple here. I was in a room watching it in English, but apparently when the announcement was made, our stake went insane! Everyone jumped up clapping, cheering, hugging, and crying. A tender moment indeed. My Mission President jumped from his seat, got about 2 feet of air in his jump, and looked like a star as he extended all hands and feet. That would have been quite the view right there. :) Up until this point, he has counseled us over and over to work harder than ever before to gain the blessing of having a temple. Now that we have it announced, the counsel has changed to work as hard as you can to help more and more people have the chance to receive the blessing of a temple here in their very own city. This is an exciting time for Rio de Janeiro and all the members here. I have great hopes that the work will explode like never before with this news.

So how is everybody doing? I hope you all had a good week, free of sickness and stress. As for me, I am finally getting over my sickness and stress! Yay! Last Monday, around 3 PM, I began feeling really achy, which continued the later it got. I was coming down with a fever. We tried to work once six o clock came, and boy was it hard. Luckily, we had a dinner scheduled with a family later that night, so we didn't have to exert lots of energy walking. That night I took my temperature. 102.6 F. Yikes. I thought: Wow, this is just like that night in the CTM. This is going to be fun. Well, I will tell you, it was the most fun I have had in a long time. :) I spent the night fighting with my body to cool down and get better, waking up more exhausted than when I layed down. Luckily, my companion had gotten sick as well, so we were both able to spend Tuesday resting and recooperating. By Wednesday, I was feeling a tiny bit better, but then got really sick after waking up, so I was forced to go back to bed. It cleared though, and by the Wednesday evening, I was able to work a little. However, Thursday, I woke up with Tonsillitis, as well as a sweet sore throat. In the midst of all this, I somehow received six canker sores in my mouth! I have no idea why, but eating, drinking, and talking became almost impossible. As of now, I am finally free of all these except the canker sores, so i am grateful. :) I will put up with these little buggers for a little while longer.

Because of the lack of work we were able to do with being sick, and having the week ended out with General Conference, I lack a sweet spiritual story for you guys this week. I hope you will forgive me for that. But did you guys like Conference? I was really sad when it ended. I had the opportunity to watch parts of it in Portuguese, but it was kind of annoying hearing a translators voice. Plus, you aren't able to understand the emotion in the voices of the Prophet and Apostles. Elder Holland was probably my favorite this Conference. I liked how he sprinted to the pulpit, and then just burned the world and left. :) Elder Oaks, afterwards, was really great as well.

My time is gone for now, but I hope everyone had a wonderful General Conference weekend, and that Spring is treating you guys nicely. The temperature here has finally become nice and perfect. I need to take advantage of this time to work harder than ever before! Do you realize that this week, I will hit my 7 month mark?! Time is super fast!

Alrighty, I love you and miss you all so much! Have a wonderful week!
All my love,
Elder Steven Bennett

PS. How is Alisha and her big belly doing?! I want pictures. :)

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