Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello família e amigos!
This has been a WONDERFUL week!!! As you know, we had the transfer last week. I was to stay here in Curicica. I received a new companion, and we also live with another companionship that received a new missionary. I became very happy to find out that a new American missionary would be arriving and be living with us! His name is Elder Weight, from New Jersey. He is still in the very beginning stages of Portuguese, and I can see how I was talking at the beginning of my mission, and how much I have improved since then. It is crazy how fast time flies, but looking back, it seems that I have done so much. Fortunately, there is still much more to do. :) I began thinking a lot about when I arrived in Brasil. Elder Weight has a Chilean companion, just like I did. I can now see how hard it was when I was learning. You don't just have to learn Portuguese, but learn from someone with a strong Spanish accent! Oh, the good times. But Elder Weight is an amazing missionary. He is fearless, and willing to speak with everyone. He actually Works more than his trainer! He is the first American that I have lived with for quite some time. I have had the opportunity to speak a little bit of English with him (not too much-- I want him to learn Portuguese), and he says that I speak super weird now. Just think what will happen to my English with 9 more months of Portuguese! However, I am fine with that. I only have this short time to speak Portuguese, and the rest of my life to learn English again. :)
This was truly a week of miracles. I was passing some hard times here, and it seemed as if nothing was going right. This week, together with a new companion, I have had the chance to move things around, and we are having lots of success. We were able to see some progress with some special families we are teaching. As well, we found some really great people that are truly elect. Even to the point of just walking on the street-- we have had many more people coming to us, seeking the truth! I have truly seen the promise in Preach My Gospel: "The Lord is preparing His children to hear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel. They will be placed in your path, or you will be placed in their path." I have seen the truthfulness of that. This week ended with a rather intense lesson Saturday night. We went to confirm the baptisms of the daughter and cousin of a recently baptized couple. Jennifer and Suzana have had a rough time accepting, and we were able to help them see the importance of completing their Family in the gospel. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to see a recently baptized father baptize and complete his Family in the church. :) It was amazing!
My time has ended-- I am sorry that this letter is so short, but I will write more next week. I love and miss you all! This work is truly the work of the Lord. It is progressing... rapidly! Choose the right! I love you all! 
Elder Steven Bennett 

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