Monday, June 17, 2013

Another week in Paradise!

Howdy ya´ll!

How is everyone doing? I sure hope all is well at home and everyone is enjoying the nice sunny weather. It just may be hotter there than here. We are supposedly in the coldest part of the year, but it still seems pretty hot some days. At night, people are wrapped up in coats, hats, blankets, and mittens..... and I am wearing my short-sleeve white shirt sweating... Its a very interesting sight. This was quite an intense week! It passed by sooooo fast! It wasn't until yesterday that P-day was mentioned and I realized that the week was ending. It is amazing that an entire week can pass by unnoticed if you really put yourself to the work and focus.

Anyway, so I am still freaking out about the whole Baby Kai deal, and I am insanely happy all the time. Yes, I am burned a little by my leaders and stuff like that, and it can get a little stressful, but underneath that I am so happy! This whole mission thing is pretty cool. :) I am starting to literally love my mission to the point where I only think about it. I don't have any other life but my mission. I had the opportunity to have a mission split with my Zone Leader this week. As we rode the bus, I asked him how he was feeling about his life right now. He will be heading home here in about three weeks. He told me how he only thinks about the work here in Rio, and that it is kind of stressful to think about home. I could relate to him on that, for I am starting to get to that point. He, Elder Fish, is a very hard worker, and we had a day full of hard work, and funny moments. Many things fell through that day, including a very important appointment with a family we want to baptize. It was super disappointing, but we were able to meet with another investigator, Ana Luiza, and help her see the importance of baptism in her life. She is 17 years old and her parents are recent converts. Throughout the day, we ended up making tons of contacts and knocking doors. One of these doors was a pastor. She told me that she was receiving revelations about me, and that I would be a pastor of my own church someday. ;) I will interpret that as being a bishop someday. I will always remember that lady! We also ran into a man who doesn't like Mormons or Americans. Of course, the two of us being those two things, we got an earful as we tried to share a message with him. It didn't work, but I almost died laughing. There are so many great experiences that come through diligent work. If we were just walking around, how would we have had experiences like that?
We have been working with a really great part-member family, and throughout this week, we were able to visit with them and teach the Plan of Salvation. It was really great, and I got to use the puzzle Mom sent me. :) It is a great compliment to the message, and really helps the investigtors grasp the things we are saying. They are planning on being married legally this week, and hopefully we can baptize them this next week!
I didn't have tons of time to write today, but that was a quick outline of my week. We were able to have a baptismal interview with one of our investigators, Celso, and he passed! He will be baptized this Saturday. I am super happy for him, and I love him tons. I have a huge testimony of this Gospel, and that families really are eternal. I am so grateful to participate in this work and bring more souls to the fold of God. I am doing well out here, and am happier than ever!
I love you all and miss you all very much! I hope all is well. Keep roasting in the Sun while I am "almost" roasting here in Rio. :)
Elder Steven Bennett

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