Monday, March 18, 2013

"...I Am With You Alway..." Matthew 28:19-20

Hello. :)

So I will say sorry up front-- I don't have a whole lot of time this week. The computer i am using is being very slow, and I gotta get going here soon. For this, I will quickly write the feeling in my heart and what comes to mind.

I know that I write this a lot, but this week was very difficult for me. Yes, everything in a mission is hard, but this week was especially rough on me, like last week. However, I have begun to see a pattern that occurs in almost any situation here on my mission. When things get the hardest, and I feel the worst, God always extends his loving arms to me and shows me everything is alright. I truly have a testimony of this. Even outside of missionary work. If you are doing what you should be doing-- making a real effort to do what is right-- God will always help you out when you are at that point of giving up.

This week was a week of not much success. These last few weeks have been quite rough. Each day, we walk and walk visiting each and every person we have planned for in the day. Usually none are home. We become very happy if we find one of them home. Because we aren't able to teach a lot of people, we fill our time doing street contacts. These usually end in almost no success. Each day we come home fatigued and with sore feet, ready to just lie down and hope the next day is better. Elder Cheshire and I have had some serious talks about why our work isn't progressing. We are good missionaries and we're following the rules! We are working hard and being diligent. We are praying hard, and fasting lots. What more can we do? Each day this week was exactly like this. Up until Saturday night.

Saturday night was especially hard as we returned home from a long day and small results. As we sat quite discouraged, it came to my attention that the Elders we live with also were feeling the same way. Our Zone Leaders as well. It wasn't just our area that was suffering, it was our entire Districts! This made me feel a bit better, but I was still feeling pretty bad. Later that night, we found that our water pump broke again... no more water... again.. hahah. Boy, was that a sight to be seen! The four of us were miserable. That night I prayed long and hard.

Sunday came after a rather sleepless night. However, Sunday is always a wonderful day because of the fact that we see the members all happy and positive! We had to teach the Principles of the Gospel class again, except when we got there, we only had one person there! As we began the lesson a little disappointed, we began to have more of our investigators come in! We began to be very happy. As Sacrament came, we had a speaker who was speaking on the way God answers our prayers. In a very spiritual ironic way, he was answering a prayer with his words. I left the church feeling more comforted and happy. As we began working, we found some really great people through contacts. We were able to enter the house of a reference from the ward, and it went well. The more the day went on, I felt that the Lord was guiding us and showing us that He was still there with us.

I am so grateful for my mission. The things I am learning couldn't be learned anywhere else. My testimony has grown, and is growing, strong through good times and bad. I know that our Heavenly Father is always looking over us. He is there to help when we are at our lowest. We just have to have the humility to get on our knees and ask Him for help. I know He is helping us in the work. Yes, it is going by slowly, and we are having difficulties, but He is watching over us and helping us.

I hope everything is going well at home. :) I am happy and loving my mission more and more everyday. I love and miss you all so very much!

Much love,

Elder Steven Bennett

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