Monday, December 31, 2012

Feliz Ano Novo!

Hello hello. :) How is everyone since.... five days ago? Six days ago? Hahah its weird to think that I was talking to you guys and i could see you guys! It was so great. I miss you guys so much! My companion said that his first time skyping his family was hard for him. He skyped ALL DAY and afterwards, he couldnt work well because he kept thinking about his family. I dont think i was that extreme, but it was a little difficult to focus in the District Meeting Christmas evening. We had an hour bus ride to Cabo Frio, and truthfully, I thought about you guys a lot for that time, and also throughout the evening. But it also made me want to work harder. I dont know why, but i was motivated to work hard, and so thats what i have been trying to do since then.
So first off, I want to say that I received your package!!! Yesterday, President and Sister Lima came to our area and dropped off a bunch of supplies for us. I received your package along with a nice little stack of letters. :) I think there was about 7 or so. I am grateful for all that have written me up until now. Its nice receiving letters from friends and family. I felt very loved when the President handed them to me. He also thinks you guys (my family) is apostasizing due to the Catholic stickers all over the package. It was a little awkward talking to him... hehe.
The week started out great with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. They were a bit sad, but the members really helped in making us feel a part of their families. I am grateful for that. This Christmas was a Christmas I will never forget (Wade´s words of wisdom ring true!). It was weird that we still had to work as normal: lessons, contacts on the street, be in bed by 10:30, etc. Work was definitely hard though. Many people leave for vacations, or are already partying with their family and friends, so the streets were very sparse, and all our investigators didnt have time for us.
After Chirstmas, the week turned pretty rough. The 26th was especially rough. The temperature continued to rise throughout the week, and the 26th was toasty. All of our appointments fell through. We lost a couple investigating too. They seemed so cool, but they dont agree with many things about our church (ironically they were married in a Mormon church). We also were about to cut Belisario, the husband of Vania. He agrees with all the doctrines of the church, knows everything about the church, and even comes to church every week! But... he doesnt want to be baptized. Our day was bad, and after speaking to him for a little, we were about to cut him off and stop visiting him. However, that night, the Zone Leaders said try one more time.
The week continually got hotter and hotter, and the work didnt improve. Remember how I said that the Coppertone Suncreen stained my shirts yellow? Well, i stopped using it and bought this cleaner that is supposed to help remove the stains. Well, after washing every shirt i had with this cleaner, my shirts came out a dark yellow (not completely, just in areas on the sleeves and collar). To say the least i was angry. Vania has almost all my shirts right now and is working on getting them out. The week continued worsening and toasted us out at 106 F on the 29th. I came down with a bit of heat stroke that day and had a throbbing headache almost the whole day. It was hard to even be in the sun because your skin feels like its cooking. How i got through this day, I dont know, but i decided i need to just push through it. So i did. By the end of the day, we were able to finish the day with teaching 8 lessons and 12 new investigators. :) Vania also gave us a huge chocolate bar to eat as we walked home. That is one day I will never forget. I know that the Lord really does make us strong when we need it. I was feeling absolutely horrible, and we were able to change the day into one of our most productive.
So thats my rollercoaster of a week. Great huh? I will end off by telling a quick story. So remember the Ward Mission Leader you guys saw for a sec on Skype? Well Saturday he was riding his motorcycle and was clotheslined by some kids with kite-string. He crashed his bike but ended up okay. He had some good cuts on his elbows and has a line from the kite-string across his neck. He messed up his arm a little too. He´s a strong fellow. This happened Friday Evening. Sunday, he was up teaching a Training Session to the ward. The members here are strong and awesome. I love working with them. They have such firm testimonies of the Gospel.
Well thats it for now. I hope you are having a great New Years Eve right now! Happy New Year!!!! I love and miss you all very very much! Tchau!
Much love,

Elder Bennett

Ps. Check out the photo I attached. The moon was bright red!

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