Monday, November 26, 2012

Oi :)

Ola familia!
Eu quero començar esta email com um pouco Português porque eu falo só Português agora. Realmente, as vezes eu falo inglês pra mi mesmo porque eu tenho saudade por inglês. Eu sei que vocês vão traduzir isso, mas me desculpa por meu gramática ruim. Eu amo Rio das Ostras e eu estou sempre animo pelo trabalho agora. Também, eu amo vocês e todas as bençãos em minha vida. Estou muito abençoado.
Okay that´s enough Portugues for now! Hello hello! How is everyone doing? This week was so much better than last week. Still, it was so utterly hard because i still speak like zero Portugues, but it´s getting better little by little. (By the way, please excuse any mistakes, this is a Portugues keyboard and so it doesn´t have some symbols like a normal english one.)
This week was AMAZING. I will tell you why. It was amazing because all the things that I have learned up to this point became very personal. I had the marvelous opportunity to see the Gospel in action and baptize a family into the church. Well, almost a family, the dad is still a little ancy about baptism. :) It is a family of four. Belisario, Vania, Daniela, e Cassandra. I will include a picture. I have become very close to them, and me and my companion baptized them Saturday night. It was the most amazing experience. I felt SO happy. A happiness that i have never felt in my life. A different kind of happiness. This is the Spirit of missionary work. This is what keeps missionaries going even when everything goes wrong. This happiness pushes through all other problems, stresses, and failure. I am one happy guy right now. :)
On other notes, my Portugues is very bad and progressing so slowly that I apparently don't notice a difference.... bleh. But I know I need to be patient. I will continue to study my hardest and take every opportunity available to learn more. My studying has become very efficient. I study only in Portugues. Pretty challenging because everything i study becomes a language study also. Its been much better the last few days though. We have 4 hours to study every morning. 1 hour personal. 2 hours companionship. 1 for language. I really like this schedule now.
This week went by really fast because we were constantly busy! Well, missionaries always are, but more than usual! We have a district goal of a certain number of baptisms for the month, and its basically the end of the month. We were pushing hard to get this goal. We spent a lot of time with the family I talked about earlier and it really took a lot of work to get them baptized. Vania smokes, and boy she sure loves it. I guess i should actually say: smoked. She quit! She was almost balling when we would come over and tell her to keep strong and don´t smoke. She was so strong and never did. She sure liked to joke with us though. We would come by the house and say hello, and she would walk out with a cigarrete in her mouth (unlit). She scared us so many times with things like this! She has a super funny personality. Another time, she ended a prayer ´In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.´ You know, like Catholics. We were so confused, and she just busts out laughing. Shes a character. :)
We also had a fun experience with a Jehovah Witness this week. We were doing our normal study and we hear someone at our gate. He rang to us and said he was a Jehovah Witness, so we hurried and grabbed a Restoration pamphlet and Book of Mormon and went and opened the gate. He was about ready to teach us something when we began teaching him. Once we were done (10 minutes or so), we let him keep the stuff and he handed us some magazines and ran off. He was so confused when he opened the door and saw two missionaries standing there! Ah, funniest thing ever.
Those were the highlights this week. How's everything going at home? Utah? Snow? Any temperature below 80 F? We had a huge heat wave this week. Destruction. It was so hot! Now we're back on a chill stage, and we have had rain for the last 2 days straight. The humidy is what's killer now. Send a picture of the snow please. I really want to see home right now. I miss snow!!!
Well, I hope everything´s going well at home, and everyone's safe and healthy. I am doing well down here and roasting away while preaching the gospel. What could be better? :) Keep me updated!
Ps. Christmas is soon! Guess what? Get the skype working on my laptop, because i am allowed to skype you guys on Christmas. So get to figuring that out, and we will talk about that more later.
Love you all so much. This Gospel is so true, and each day, my testimony grows stronger and stronger. I miss you guys. :)
Much love,
Elder Steven Bennett

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